What to write?

Hello world! This is my first blog and I am hoping to continue for long time. I have been thinking about what to write, or what to blog about for two years. Now I think I know what to do. I am a scientist who runs mass spec everyday. I have probably run over 5000 samples already… some of them are mine, the others are from the others.

Mass spec is really a cool instrument-, so sensitive and accurate to identify or quantitate ions. But because there are so many different molecules on earth, we have unlimited way of using mass spec.

After running so many samples, I realized that it is hard to organize what I have run. I know what was run, and I kept logs on the computer. But I wasn’t sure what I actually learned from these samples well.

So I decided to write something about what I found from the work I do everyday. Especially about analysis of mass spec results because there are so many ways to analyze and make sense out of them.

What I am hoping is to exchange some ideas with other people with similar interests to boost my ability to analyze mass spec data.  So let’s get started!!!

About bioinfomagician

Bioinformatic Scientist @ UCLA

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