Adding Shared Folder on VM

I run Virtual Machine (VM) on both windows and mac. When I am using both Linux on VM and windows/mac going back and forth many times, it is cumbersome to send a file from desktop to VM or vice versa using email. Mass spec files tend to be very large, so you need a way to transfer file fast.  One way to do is to use flash drive on USB drive, but better way is to set up shared folder for VM and your OS.

To do it, first you go settings and select Shared Folders. Right now I see two folders and I am going to add a new shared folder called “Shared with Ubuntu” which is on Desktop. So click the + button on the right, enter Folder Path and select the Auto-mount option.

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 7.23.56 PM

Then start Ubuntu, click Devices and Install Guest Additions.


After installation, there will be sf_Shared_with_Ubuntu directory in the \media directory.

But you need to change a permission setting to access this directory.

To do it, open Linux terminal and type the following command.

>sudo usermod -a -G vboxsf username

Change username part to the one you used to log in Ubuntu in the command. This command gives permission for the user to be able to access the shared folder in the /media directory. Try putting a random file in the Shared_with_VM directory on your desktop to see if it appears in the Ubuntu. You should also try putting some files in sf_Shared_with_Ubuntu and seeing it in Shared_with_Ubuntu on your desktop.


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