About Me and This Blog

100_0686Hello! Welcome to my blog. I started this blog for several reasons. I love high-throught type of analysis in biology and there are lots of cool stuff out there these days: Microarray, RNAseq, next gen seq, multiplex mass spec analysis, GWAS etc. To keep up bioinformatic skills with these technological advancement is challenging but highly rewarding. I thought having my own blog would help me organizing what I know and force myself to be up-to-date for new technologies & computational tools. I am hoping this blog will help to advance the analysis of complex data sets generated for genomics and proteomics. BUT PLEASE understand that all posts here were not proofread and VERY LIKELY have lots of typos and errors.  Of course it is not peer-reviewed either!  If you have comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate!

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One response to “About Me and This Blog”

  1. Dr. Paul Melnikov- physical organic-analytical instrumental chemist; complex mixture analysis, separations sciences, LCMSMS, instrumentation developmental specialist type says :

    Hi. Followed your retinol palmitate/MSMS discussion on LinkedIN. Still chewing the various comments over in my head before responding w/ anything. Want to be able to contribute something intelligent & helpful or not at all. You are clearly my kind of researcher. I am glad to have “found/met” you. Will follow blog, et.al.

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